Back Paddock Manager Premium - 1 Year Licence

Back Paddock Manager Premium - 1 Year Licence

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This package is the next step up and allows for up to three separate mobile users or devices with their own username, as well as full access (for the primary user) to the online system for planning, recording and spray diary purposes.

Back Paddock Mobile (Latest version) for iPhone / iPad for up to three users;

Full access to Back Paddock Manager, both offline (Farm PC/Laptop) and/or via WebConnect (PC or iPad) for one user:

  • Full access to Back Paddock Manager Premium to plan/record and change information created by themselves or their advisers
  • Rainfall records, water use efficiency,
  • Full cost analysis x paddock (Plan and Actuals)
  • Excel export of Plans and Actuals (as Cost Centres for use in accounting/budgeting)
  • On-farm inventory management (inventory deducts as Actuals recorded on App)
  • Nutrient balance (nutrients applied, removed in grain etc)
  • Spray Diary Report
  • Chemical Group History (for Resistance Management)

Data / Comms Package - that enables the farm-client to be connected to their Adviser/s or other Manager Premium licensees (eg within their business) for sharing information.

Provides back-up of all data in a secure, banking-grade data centre.